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We lived in the country north of Milano, Saimo was a chemical employee, Ele Kindergarten educator, in april 2011 we left our jobs and sold our home to start a Grand-Tour of EcoVillages, Organic Farms, communities ecc, searching for a better way of living, in a better place, with the right persons.

We want to learn as much as possible in Permaculture, organic-agriculture, farm animals, self-sufficiency, low planet impact life, communities, ecc...

Very practical: at home we did homebrewing, bread, pasta, toothpaste, soap, ecc...
English and French speaking, + little German, Spanish, Portuguese.
Backpackers travellers: since 2001 we visited different countries to know differnt cultures and visit beautiful places (California - Amazonas - Europe - Australia - Ladakh) we are mountain treks lovers.

-- 2011 --
april 30 to june 25 - Borgata Serre, San Damiano Macra (CN), Italy.
Help restauring an ancient village in the mountains, wood-works, horses,   veg-garden.

june 25 to july 24 - Varese Ligure (SP), Italy.
Help starting a permaculture project, ground cleaning from brambles, path restoring, observation and project.

july 24 to august 7 - Istituto Italiano Permacultura, Scagnello (CN), Italy.
Permaculture introduction course, built a wooden compost-toilet.

august 8 to september 16 - La Casa del Sole, Ne (GE), Italy.
4000 sq. meters natural agricolture veg-garden.

september 18 to october 30 - Podere il Monte, Vicchio (FI), Italy.
Chestnut harvest, goats and other little farm works.

october 30 to november 14 - Habitat EcoVillaggio, Gambassi Terme (FI), Italy.
Olives picking.

november 14 to december 2 - La Comune di Bagnaia, Sovicille (SI), Italy.
Vineyard cleaning, wood-works, veg-garden, community tasks.

december 4 to january 14 - Az. Agr. Bioagrisalute, Cancellara (PZ), Italy.
Horses, cows and calves stable tasks, olives picking.

-- 2012 --
Olives picking, bakery products, community tasks.

february 19 to march 19 - Agriturismo Campolisio, loc. Sarruni, Ugento (LE), Italy.
Cow, goats, chickens, ducks, gooses, donkeys, pigs, wood-works, veg-garden.

march 23 to april 23 - Corfù (Greece).
Permaculture, veg-garden, wood-works.

may 2 to may 17 - Azienda Agricola Lamirtìa, Altilia (CS), Italy.
Bees, goats, chickens, veg-garden, wood-works.

may 19 to may 27 - Ecovillaggio Ciumara Ranni, Carlentini (SR), italy.
Veg-garden, earth oven, wood works, community tasks.

may 27 to june 10 - Carlentini (SR) - Italy

june 18 to june 29 - Il Vallone delle Pezze - Ragusa (RG) - Italy
Permaculture, veg-garden.

june 29 to july 29 - Case Caro Carrubo - Chiaramonte Gulfi (RG) - Italy
Olive tree, almond tree, rock walls, veg-garden.

July 29 to august 12 - Fattoria Di Gèsu - Villalba (CL) - Italy 
Tomatoes harvest, wheat, veg-garden, house works.

August 12 to august 24 - Il Sogno di Un Uomo Ridicolo - S.ta Caterina V. (CL) - Italy
House works, goats, gooses, ducks, veg-garden

August 25 to september 8 - Il Giardino delle Belle - Butera (CL) - Italy
Permaculture, almonds harvest, clay seed balls.

September 9 to september 22 - Centro Thar Do Ling - Montelepre (PA) - Italy
Green building, rammed heart.

September 24 to october 13 - Funtaneddas, Siniscola (NU) - Italy
Green building, rammed earth, permaculture, veg-garden.

October 14 to november 30 - Tuppa de Paulu, Milis (OR) - Italy
Permaculture Design Course, Sheeps, Chickens, Veg-garden.

December 5 to january 5 - Nepali Corsica, Aghione (France) 
Veg-garden, eco-building.

-- 2013 --
January 5 to january 12 - Ecovillage Fondale - Tallone (France)
Wood works, boars' fences, deep ecology.

January 12 to january 19 - Lieu dit Francischu - Bonifacio (France)
Veg-garden, woods, animals, cereals, deep-ecology, community life.

January 19 to january 26 - Monti Santu - S. Antonio in Gallura (OT) Italy
Veg-garden, woods.

January 26 to february 2 - Siuidaia - S. Maria la Palma (SS) Italy
veg-garden, chickens, donkeys, woods.

February 2 to May 6 - Tuppa de Paulu - Milis (OR) - Italy
Permaculture, sheeps, cheese making, donkeys, chickens, ve-garden, woods

May 8 to June 6 - Forestcamp, Smerillo (FM) - Italy
Donkeys, woods, chickens, veg-garden

June 6 to June 26 - Corbara, Camerino (MC)  Italy
Deep ecology, veg-garden, wood works, goat, chickens.

June 26 to July 21- Loc. Cesolo, San Severino Marche (MC) Italy
Crops, wood-works, veg-garden, sheeps, chickens, ducks.

July 22 to september 1 - Ecovillaggio Tertulia, Vicchio (FI) Italy
Permaculture Design Course, goats, chickens, veg-garden, little community, woods

September 1 to october 2 - La Fattoria dell'Autosufficienza - Bagno di Romagna (FC) Italy
Permaculture, Forest Garden Design Course, Chickens, Pig, Veg-garden.

October 3 to november 1 - Che Passo! - Città di Castello (PG) Italy
Permaculture, little community, veg-garden

November 1 to november 29 - Panta Rei - Passignano sul Trasimeno (PG) Italy
Permaculture, veg garden, water, olive picking, community living

December 3 to december 10 - Gianni & Valentina, Maissana (SP) Italy
 Wood working, horse, community building

 December 15 to march 21 - Borgata Serre - San Damiano Macra (CN) Italy
Mason works, wood-works.
-- 2014 --
Vineyards, wood-works, butcher-works, community living. 

April 28 to june 4 - Gianni & Valentina, Maissana (SP) Italy
Wood working, child care, community living, horse

June 6 to ... - Il Borgo dei Semplici, Badia Tedalda (AR) Italy
Veg-garden, woods, mason works, community living

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